post-chemical peel skincare + where i’ve been

Hey, friends! I’ve been sooooOOOOOO absolutely into making videos recently and have been much more active on Youtube, hence why I’ve been lowkey absent on here.

One of my more recent videos include my skincare routine after I get any invasive skin routine — in this case, a chemical peel.

Give it a watch, subscribe, let me know what you wanna see, all that good stuff. Love y’all!




This K-Beauty Product is the Perfect CHANEL Dupe

If you’ve been eying the ever-so-elusive Soleil Tan De Chanel but are hesitant to pay the steep price, worry not: Korean beauty’s got you covered.

Soleil Tan De Chanel is on nearly every beauty obsessive’s mental wishlist; from the unique creamy-gel formula to its natural-looking finish, this cool-toned beauty is truly what sunkissed dreams are made of. In true Chanel fashion, however, it’ll cost you a pretty penny: at the steep price of $50, many are hesitant to try the cult classic.

Enter JUNGSAEMMOOL’s Essential Tinted Paste: the be-all, end-all in natural bronzing. The perfect hybrid between powder and cream, this water-infused, lighter-than-air formula works with your skin’s natural tone to give off the perfect amount of color with a watercolor-like finish. Despite the impressive buildability, the need for blending is extremely minimal, making it perfect for on-the-go, quick makeup.

Generally, Korean makeup is marketed in the U.S. as gimmicky, cutely-packaged novelty items never to keep in your permanent collection, let alone your everyday routine. Just a simple YouTube search of “K-beauty” will give you thumbnails of banana-shaped hand creams and Panda-themed collections, completely disregarding the incredible range of high quality, professional cosmetic brands on the market — many of which are available at much lower prices than homegrown, Western brands.

Unlike Chanel’s single shade option, the Essential Tinted Paste comes in two contour shades, Ginger and Tan. While still not at drugstore prices, the $30 price tag is considerably lower than its Chanel counterpart, with all the same effect.

You can find this dreamy compact at Peach and Lily. There’s also some gorrrrgeous blush shades to play around with!




my new nude: YSL rouge pur couture lipstick

I don’t always wear lipstick, but when I do, it’s creamy, soft, and way too f—cking expensive.

I just cleaned out my makeup stash and found myself less-than-fond of my current lippie arsenal. I realized that, while I owned nearly every shade of nude for every skintone, none of the textures really called out to me. I had relics from the 2012-15 “All Matte Everything” era that, while beautiful and well-loved, weren’t my style anymore.

Enter YSL’s Rouge Pur Couture: the creamiest, softest formula I’ve experienced to date. Think MAC’s Cremesheen formula (still one of my faves), but even softer. It’s luxurious as hell to wear and doesn’t stick to my lips at all, all while packing hella pigment and shine. LOVE.


The shade I got was #10 Beige Tribute. A little bit reminiscent of a 60’s nude, the shade compliments my no-makeup-makeup looks really well without enhancing my redness. At the moment, it’s the perfect my lips but better lipstick.

As I pare down my makeup collection, I am more able to justify pricier beauty buys. Back in the day, I was desperate to purchase any and all makeup. Now I’m attempting to use up and cherish my curated collection, making the expense all the more worth it.

You can find YSL’s Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick @ and Sephora — I got mine at Sephora, but would definitely opt for the official YSL shop because you can customize your cap! I’m dying @ the stars design (´♡‿♡`).



glossier’s perfecting skin tint is literally the perfect skin tint


I wish so badly I were being dramatic. Glossier’s Perfecting Skin Tint just made my list of favorite complexion products. Here’s why:


  • I was looking for a an all-over product that could match with my skin’s BFF, RMS’ “Un” Cover Up; blendable, enhances the skin, and lets my natural skin shine through. This tint does e x a c t l y that.
  • It’s so easy to apply. I just rub some between my fingertips and directly apply to the face. No brushes, no hassle. Nice!
  • It literally looks like you have nothingggggg oooooonnnnnn! It does it exactly what it says: evens out discoloration and leaves the skin looking smooth, toned, and dewy.

There’s nothing I love more than a “your ____ but better” look, and I feel like this perfects my routine even more.

L: before, w/ only RMS “Un” Cover Up on my undereyes R: after w/ perfecting skin tint on (& a few other products I’ll mention later hehe)

If your skin gets red to the touch, wait a few seconds after applying to see how it looks on your skin — the coverage is super light, so it’s best to see how it looks on natural, non-irritated skin should you decide to layer it up.

IMG_1608plz excuse my nails… ummmm….

BTW I got one of those 10% off codes after purchase — if you wanna save 10% and give me $10 credit (you can make a link when you inevitably recommend these, too!), click ~here~! I recommend literally every single one of their makeup products (except for the lipsticks or Lidstars, I haven’t tried them yet). I happily recommend this tint and would also consider picking up the cloud paints (i’m wearing “dusk” on the cheeks & lips + also love the shade “beam”), boy brow (my all-time fave brow product), and the lip gloss.



this product combo will make you look like a living, breathing facetune filter

I have been obsessed with both MAC Strobe Cream and Kevyn Aucoin’s Sensual Skin Enhancer separately for years at this point. Since the beginning of my beauty-loving career, these two products have been on the top of my faves list.

Strobe Cream is the perfect skin prep, the perfect primer, and the perfect mixer for too-thick foundations. It gives me a surreal, all-over glow without looking overtly fake or highlighted. Sensual Skin Enhancer spreads like a dream, requires a teeny amount to go a long way, and leaves your skin looking photoshopped. It’s a wonder why I didn’t think to mix them before, but SERIOUSLY, THE FINISH IS EVERYTHING.


PRETTY! No highlighter, no added glow. The high points of my face look ridiculously glowy. My bronzer is EFFED and I’m still feeling my look. I can’t! It’s too good! Please try it!

Because I powdered the hell outta this, I didn’t bother using primer underneath. Looking back, though, I would’ve used a pore filling base (3CE’s Pore Balm is LIFEEEEE) to make the look a tad bit cleaner.

Regardless, it’s a look. A shiny, glowy look.



candles i’ve been into

I don’t know how to introduce this, but I love candles and wanna talk about ’em. These are the candles I’ve been hardcore burning in my house:

cosmic mansion; girl with rose —

This smells amazing, almost like water-based skincare (think BELIF’s Aqua Bomb). I got it in Hannam-dong, Seoul, but you can find it here.

1820 house; warm milk + vanilla

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Pouring lots of these.

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Oh, yum. This just smells like a delicious caramel chew. Vanilla is never my style, but this just smells warm, rather than candylike. I got it from 1820 House’s official website.

Just wanted to talk about candles for a sec! Let me know your faves please.





earth’s recipe waterful sun gel is really good

There was a 50% off sale @ the Beautytap pop up, so I took full advantage and purchased some heavily-recommended items to try. One of the products on the list, Earth’s Recipe Waterful Sun Gel, has already reached all-time status for me.

It’s SO nice. I have a few favorite sunscreens in my rotation, but none are really comparing to this one. The texture is easy to spread, comPLETELY transparent, and leaves a fresh dewy effect to the skin, all without stickiness. It also works wonders under makeup and doesn’t feel cloggy and weird at the end of the day.

L: sun gel texture R: sun gel blended in

The ultimate gag, though? It’s 100% ALCOHOL FREE. I love the feeling and texture of Biore’s Aqua Rich Watery Essence, but the alcohol content makes me hesitant to wear or recommend it at all. Beside the fact that Biore’s high alcohol content is completely garbage for your actual skin quality, it also gives it a strong AF smell that’s pretty hard to avoid. Fortunately, Earth’s Recipe’s alcohol free formula is scent free and won’t harm your skin.

I apply it about 20 minutes after applying my final skincare step, waiting 5-10 minutes before continuing with the rest of my makeup routine (I definitely do stuff in between my skincare steps, guys). Any excess sunscreen is rubbed on my hands and arms for some additional protection.

So far, I am absolutely in love with this. “Free of harmful ingredients, high protection, and comfortable to wear” isn’t typically the descriptor for an SPF, but this sun gel hits all those points and then some.



stuff i’ve been liking lately — makeup edition

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 2.39.40 PM


MARC JACOBS Highliner in “Deja Blue”

I’ve really been playing my eyes up lately! I’m still preferring easy, quick makeup, so colored eyeliner really does the trick in transforming my look with little effort. The baby blue shade gives me the same brightening effect that a white eyeliner would give, just without the overtly stark contrast. It also lasts ALL DAMN DAY, something I’ve never experienced in my waterline. A++++++++

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 2.40.10 PM


HOLIKA HOLIKA Eye Metal Glitter in “Peach Crush” 

Following the eye theme, I absolutely adore using these guys. No matter what color I use, I am served with gorgeous pigment + the sparkliest sparkles. My current fave, Peach Crush, is a pinky-peach shade that matches most looks I do and is just so effortless. They’re comfortable as hell to wear and don’t stain, either!

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 2.42.29 PM


CREER BEAUTE Miracle Romance Multi Carry Balm

It’s prettttttttty obvious why I bought this, but it’s actually super effective in keeping my recently dry, flaky lips in check. There’s an intense rose smell, but dissipates pretty quickly and doesn’t travel in your mouth (we’ve all had those lippies, right?). It’s just so softening and perfect for smoothing the lips out. I’ve already hit pan and am lowkey considering a repurchase, STAT.


I Tried The Made-In-Korea YSL Cushion — Is It Worth It?

I’m back in Seoul, and this time I decided to take my beauty shopping to the next level: on total impulse, I bought YSL’s Le Cushion Encre Fusion Ink Foundation.


Yikes, right? In the nation of inexpensive, high-quality makeup, I managed to spend $75 on just one cushion. ONE! With zero product research!

To make matters worse, it doesn’t even come with a refill. Still, the packaging obsessive in me completely took over and was sold at the sleek, beautiful compact and big promises (from

“Feels like a feather; fuses like an ink. Master of foundation innovation, YSL Beauty rewrites the rules with its first first ink-in-cushion application and takes beauty’s most talked about cushion tool one step further. An inkwell for skin that paints a long-lasting, fresh, luminous shine-free finish with high coverage.”

To be honest, I did suffer some buyer’s remorse after reading the product claims — I have dry skin and loathe matte formulas, so anything that claims to be “shine-free” is my mortal enemy. I came into this try-on completely skeptical, if not 100% negative. $75 for a cushion? NO refill? In a matte finish? On MY dry skin? Yeah, I don’t know about all that. I was ready to drag YSL through the mud.

Listen: I wanted so badly to hate this. Like, really hate this. Despite how much my bougie self loves fashion house makeup, I was actually kind of excited to write my scathing review of yet another high-end brand piggybacking on the success of Korean cushions, just to give us a mediocre product for three times the price.


Well, folks, it ain’t gonna be like that at all because oh shit, my skin looks INCREDIBLE in this. It’s kind of ridiculous how much I feel myself whenever I wear this. It’s color correction, dermal filler, and fraxel laser in a compact. My redness was gone, skin brightened and plumped, and pores dramatically minimized. It’s transformable, too — I’m a big fan of luminous primers and sunscreens, so I don’t have experience the ultra-matte, shine-free formula YSL promises if I don’t want to. It works well with every primer I’ve tried and leaves my skin looking crazy luminous.

The best part? It’s 1,000% transfer resistant and lasts all day. I’ve been wearing this every day for hours on end and have yet to experience any breaking down or dry patches. Seriously, I’m in awe.

While there is some serious room for improvement, this cushion comes in *gasp* six shades, which is way more than the average Korean foundation range. It’s relatively inclusive, too: for reference, I’m an N13 and wear B10 Porcelain. The deepest shade, B60 Amber, would match a NW43/NC45.

The actual cushion wasn’t really anything special when considering the advancements made in cushion technology, but the quality of the formula totally makes up for it. As somebody who appreciates the low-price, high-quality factor of Korean cosmetics, I initially felt really silly purchasing this. My anxiety has definitely been calmed down after putting it to the test. This is absolutely worth every penny if you decide to splurge.